The Philadelphia Blue's Society, Pa

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Philadelphia Blue's Society

Dedicated to keeping the blues alive in Philadelphia and Eastern PA.

Philly Blues Society is a volunteer arts organization dedicated to the preservation of blues culture. Our stated mission is to assist in the preservation of the blues as a part of our cultural heritage and tradition through public awareness and education, and through fostering an environment for the blues artist to grow and develop. We will: 

Provide a venue for local artists to develop and perform through sponsoring, producing and promoting the following types of events:

Regularly scheduled showcases or jam sessions where artists can perform with professional and semi-professional musicians before a live audience.

Annual talent contests to qualifying for the national blues talent contest (The Blues Foundation) which are limited to acts or individual artists who are not signed to a recording contract or professional management contract. 

Contribute to the cultural diversity of the community by sponsoring, producing and promoting a regularly scheduled, an annual festival of prof