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Doris J. Hall-James

Doris J. Hall-James


Music Producer, recording artist, songwriter (published over 100 songs), music coach and music instructor.

In the music industry for the past 20 + years and has worked and recorded with artists such as Fat Larry’s Band, Slick, Brandi Wells, David Simmons, Sweet Thunder, Butch Blade Ingram and Timmy Ingram, Philly Cream, Phillis Fine’, Brandi Wells and a host of Philadelphia artist.

As a performer, recorded and released albums on the WMOT/Fantasy/ and Virgin Labels.

Studied music with Berklee School of music, Settlement school of music and Al Johnson’s school of music.  Bachelor’s Degree in human services,

Master of Science Degree in Business Administration

Publishing companies, James Gang Music and Hall-James Music.

 A member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI).

Community Involvement includes:

Music Lessons to children, youth, and adults

Providing food for the indigent population

Child Care, foster care

Nonprofit organization public Charity 501©3


Music Education, Music Lessons, venues and events, studio production, and radio exposure, to enhance lives through music.  Owner/CEO


The Doris Hall-James Indie Show

Keeping Live Music Moving Forward

The DHJ Indie Show targets, Artists, entertainers, musicians, singers, songwriters, promoters and all people involved in the music industry, Live and Online Interviews. Owner/CEO


Vice President, Philly Live Radio.


Cuca Echevarria


Cuca Echevarria is a Hispanic/ African American female, who loves to sing and create music.  Although she is a true “Native” of Philadelphia, Ponce, P.R.   Cuca graduated from High School in Camden, N.J.    She attended Camden County College but quickly decided to make a career out of doing what she loves the most, MUSIC.  Cuca worked with many Artists that were generated in Phila. 


Later landing a deal with her Siblings (VENUS on Columbia Records), Then a solo release “Young Love” on Alpha International Records

Since the Pandemic, there are (been 8) Singles releases


(3) on the SOUND CLOUD Web Site:

“I”, “If It Takes All Nite”, and “Baila Con Migo”.

Under Lambchops Curry


(2)  on the BANDCAMP Web Site:

“There Can Only Be One Queen” and “Esta Noche”

Under “Lambchops PRESENTS New Music 2020”


(3)   on the TUNECORE Website:

“Serve Him Now” “We Are All God’s Children” and

“Unconditional” (on the album as well).


From Feb 2020 until the Present God has Made a Way for

Cuca to use her gifts in creating a Full Album, featuring songs written, recorded, produced, Inspired, and Gifted By GOD!!!!!!     MSCUCA!!!  (The Album) BMI

A. Marcy Francis

Philadelphia, Pa


What is music?


It’s the kind that makes you pat your feet

Get up and dance away your blues

As you listen to the words of love

It’s inspirational

Thinking of the world today

Creating stories

Its music that makes you think

You find this in the soul of one woman

Pump, Pump, Pump up the Love



Mission Statement:  I enter into the world of entertainment to reach the hearts and souls of people to bring out the Love.  With every beat, I am sending the Love. With every stroke of the guitar binding everyone together


I eventually decided to teach myself how to play the bass guitar.  Once giving myself the confidence, I needed, this led to playing behind an all-girl group. The Joneses.  This adventure involved locale venues within the Philadelphia area.  This was the start of my fan base.  Rocking the brass guitar, was magical. Learning how to play in position only rock stars would do.  Behind my back, over the top of my head, the positions grew.  The crown would pack the place and some had to be turned away.  The crowd grew larger and I decided to branch out.


The founder searched for female talent who plays the drums, keyboard/piano, guitar and a vocalist. Ultimately a group was creative with females and one male known as “The Better Days”. Known to her followers as Ms. Ladyfingers. She played the bass guitar so that she could make talk and with of voice of silk.   As with the Jonesetts, we did the locale venues but it was later expanded.  Better Days travel within the United States but with much recognition travelled outside to places. The tours began from Europe to the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Betters Days also travel to the top of the world Thule, Greenland. Playing for the troops with the USO.  Better Days was developing a lot larger fan base and this afforded more work.  “Better Days” have arrived. Receiving awards for outstanding entertainment from the US government for the many tours. 


As with everything in life good things come to an end.  However, music will always be a part of spirituality.  As with the guitar, switched my attention to learning how to use the Sekeres.  It was now my calling to reach the soul of people and spread Love.


It was not hard to feel the spirits of the highest being.  Being raised with the Lord all around.  The teaching of my parents lives in me forever.  Feeling the pain and arch of others by touch or site gave me the insight to play and play.  As the words started with just a dribble, it wasn’t long before I was flowing like a waterfall.  Amazed at the eyes of excitement and the feeling of so many fueling my flow I was now creating life with music.  From the Women’s Sekeres Ensemble to creating songs for “The Healin’ Feelin”, this is my calling to heal from young to old, the sick and forgotten.  From my family to yours I feel the need to heal through music.  It’s music that has a little bit of the motherland, Africa, with a holistic to heal whoever hears it.  Whether in a workshop of women to a classroom with the innocence of the lost children.


Some of the workshops were very tranquil which allowed me to evaluate my life.


The love of children extended to teaching children from Darfur, Sudan how to make the transition by way of my percussions.  Now working with babies in the “Baby Word Play Theater” ranging from 6 weeks to 4 years old.


Ms. A Marcy Francis has no limits or boundaries.  She is living positively every day. Age does not stop her flow. Ms. A Marcy Francis’s timeless adventures have also been a Resident Artist with Art Well since 2000.


Ms. A Marcy Francis was a feature rap singer with the Cutaways and People of the Future.  She lends her voice as a gospel soloist on “Tapping the Power Within” (a CD by Iyanla Vanzant).  Ms. A Marcy Francis is a member of the women’s drumming group Music Over Matter (M.O.M.), under the direction of Jan Jeffries.  She is also a member of the Center of Peace with Rev. Sheila Pierce.


Ms. A Marcy Francis has to give credit to many people from all walks of music.  Inspiration from the likes of Sarah Vaugh, Etta James, and Louis Armstrong. My first meeting with the fabulous James Brown just to name a few.  She is proud to have been taught by many noted musicians and singers just to mention, including Omomola Iyabumni of The Women’s Sekeres Ensemble, Baba Ishangi, Alphonzo Cary, and Gerald Veasley, Sandy Day John Allen, Bob Leslie and Riccardo Martin.

This line also includes the late Leonard Hubbard


Conditioning my quest for learning music by participating in the Gerald Veasley, yearly guitar workshop.  My opportunity to learn new things and showcase my talent.


THE NU-N-U:  Come and discover a variety of ways to empower and attune yourself through colours and sounds.  Tap into your dynamic ability to move your energy through rhythms, tone and colours.  Increase the productivity of whatever you do in your life.  Learn how colours and sound can be important to you in creating balance, as well as reconnecting to joy and happiness


Ms. A Marcy Francis, Director of “Heaven on Earth”, takes a holistic view and always seeks to connect the mind, body and spirit in her work whether playing her bass guitar, sinning rock or African music or through giving a massage. When working with people of all ages she fosters respect for one’s self and for loving one another.  Marcy says, “I studied with people from old school to the new age.  I learned to just keep it basic and humble and the Spirit will come out.


Arts After school program:  For Resident Artists in churches through the Arts and Spirituality Center and the C.A. House on the University of Penn Campus.  This you will receive the teaching of the Sekeres-African Sacred hand Drum; a vocalist with The Madonna Mamas, a feminist trio and acapella group; healing workshop in Jamaica, three-times annually.  The founder and leader of Sisters of Compassion, bassist, vocalist, and Sekeres player and leader of The Coup, a ten-piece band performing a variety of swing, smooth jazz, “oldies but goodies”.  Even the sounds of hip-hop and rock.  A vocal coach for Women’s Sekeres Ensemble an African percussionist group.  Vocalist Johnny O and Classic Dogs of Love.  The Cutaways, People of the Future and gospel soloist on Tapping the Power Within, cd by Iyania Vazant

Herb Smith


Meet Herb Smith, I am a guitarist, a professional musician with many years of experience, I played, recorded and travelled with Patti LaBelle for 20 + years. After leaving Patti in 2002 I began to create a platform for myself which consist of playing, performing and songwriting. My platform allowed me to perform in upscale venues in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  I learned how to play keyboards, drums, and bass guitar, and have created such beautiful songs.  I am also a vocalist and sing on many of my shows, I build my own backing tracks with real drums, bass guitar and keys.  During my musical career, I have met and played with many of the best.  Music is my passion and I continue to keep moving music forward through my Musical Journey.   +1 610-745-0551

Terry Price


Terry Price-Grant is a self-taught musician, songwriter, arranger and music producer. Born in Port Norris New Jersey in the year 1950, Terry was brought up in Philadelphia, Pa. and attended Bok Vocational-Technical High School. It is there that Terry auditioned for his friends who were starting a singing group called The Futures, and it was that audition that made him aware that he only wanted to sing. However, this embarrassing realization did not have any effect on Terry’s ultimate goal of becoming an integral part of the music industry.

Terry went on to form several singing groups starting with a local group called the Novaks. The Novaks would later be sometimes featured alongside The Futures, at cabarets, local shows and television appearances. It was a matter of fate that Terry would later be rejoined with the Futures, only this time as their writer and producer at Philadelphia International Records. Terry was signed with the Gamble and Huff Family in 1975, where he worked with a team including Douglas (City) Brown, Tom Wallington, Bill Bloom and Darnell Jordan. It was during his stint at PIR that Terry honed his writing and producing skills before moving on to Philadelphia’s W.M.O.T. Records in 1980.

W.M.O.T. Records was headed up by Alan Rubens and Steve Bernstein, who had been moderately successful with Blue Magic, Fat Larry’s Band, Slick, Frankie (Double Dutch Bus) Smith and Major Harris. While at W.M.O.T. Records, Terry became a member of Fat Larry’s Band and travelled extensively worldwide with the hit songs “Zoom” and “Act Like You Know”. Terry also became a driving force behind Brandi Wells’ career (“What Goes Around”), who was formerly the lead singer of “Slick”, and later…his wife.

In 1986, Terry hit #1 when he wrote “Closer Than Close” for former label-mate Jean Carne, who had recently signed with W.M.O.T. Records. It was during this venture that he became friends with the late Grover Washington, Jr. Terry went on to write and produce many projects for W.M.O.T., including those for Booker Newberry III, Rose Royce, Fat Larry’s Band, Rock Hill, Billy Paul and a solo Archie Bell. Terry went on to form and record the W.M.O.T/Atlantic band called “Stroke” and travelled throughout the United States opening up for “The Jets”.

In 1987, Terr