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Atlanta, Geogia

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Vintage Vixens

Vintage Vixens

What happens when a career booking agent with a love of the great sounds of the 60s picks up a bass guitar and learns to play all her favourites? She surrounds herself with talented, like-minded, ladies and—voila—the Vintage Vixens are born!
Rocking that retro sound, the all-female Vintage Vixens include Amy on guitar/vocals, Janet on keyboards, Carol on drums, Karen on lead vocals and Linda on bass.  Talk about “Flower Power”!
Inspired by 60s fashion, on stage, these ladies look like music—groovy, funky, hippie! The Vintage Vixen playlist includes covers of the biggest hits from Motown, The Mamas & the Papas, Turtles, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Drifters, Cream, Young Rascals, The Kinks and more including some 70s favourites, too like 3 Dog Night and Sly & The Family Stone.  It’s a happy 60s hit fest of good time, sing-along music!
Peace, Love, and Vintage Vixens!

NOTE:  We have been together for 5+ years and have performed hundreds of gigs including many fairs and festivals, PACs, theatres, private events, upscale retirement communities and corporate events.  We have also shared the stage with Three Dog Night, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Blood, Sweat and Tears and other national notables!

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