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New Jersey

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In Memory of DJ Doc Love (Danny Kaye)


Sheldon Price


From honey-smooth baritone to crystalline tenor, the voice is a fine-tuned, precision instrument and Price is the skilled craftsman who wields its four-and-one-half octave range with practised ease.

He's an artist with a limitless palette of bold and subtle colours setting moods and creating atmospheres with insistent growls and sensual whispers or whatever it takes. He is an artist with a profound appreciation for the artistry of writers and producers.

Why Lou Rawls? Sheldon Price was raised and influenced by the Golden Era of Music when singers like Lou Rawls, Jeffrey Osborn, Johnny Hartman, Tom Jones, and Billy Joel sang of love and respect for all women. Like the great Lou Rawls, Sheldon wants to entertain you with class, style, and grace. Accompanied by Musical Director Brett Jolly and his 4 piece band, the group have the ability to recreate some of the most incredible live music of our era.

Sheldon is also an established nightclub performer in Las Vegas and has hosted shows for the Delfonics, Harold Melvin and the Blue Note. He has entertained at The Sands, The Wyndham, The Clarion hotels, and Kelsev's Restaurant in Ocean Casino in Atlantic City. He has an ongoing show at the Clarion Hotel in Mt. Laurel, NJ, titled 'Sheldon Price Presents the Spotlight', where poets, singers and comedians can shine in a lavish environment.

Like a fine wine, Sheldon Price has grown bolder and better as his career progresses.

Years of meticulous preparation have taught him that talent alone, even a prodigious talent like his, is not enough to make it in the highly-competitive music industry. He will take his rightful place in the pantheon of music industry stars because he is a blue-collar worker who demands more from himself than any rigours of the weight room to keep his body taut or the hours of daily vocalizing to fine-tune the voice and polish his performance skills, Sheldon Price has devoted every effort to reaching the top. So if you haven't heard him yet, you will. Sheldon Price, remember the name. You won't forget the voice.

Watch more of Sheldon's Live Performances


Shirley Lites


The voice of Shirley Lites can and will truly light up any room with her unique vocal range and powerful rhythmic delivery. Once she begins to sing, she captures her audience with her smooth melodies and high-tone vocal riffs. Shirley Lites is an international recording artist, world traveller, songwriter, musician’s musician, and producer.

         She has recordings on both the Atlantic and Arista Record labels. Her current recordings can be found on Karmic Power Records and Midnight Riot Records. Shirley Lites was formerly the band leader and background vocalist for the late and great Billy Paul for sixteen years until his transition in April of 2016. The National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME) selected Shirley Lites to be their Philadelphia Operations Manager, a position she was honoured to accept. She has stepped up to support and recognize other women of colour while helping to spearhead them in the movement to excel and succeed in the music industry.

        Shirley has shared the stage or opened for some of the most recognizable artists including Barbara Mason, Jean Carne, Scherrie Payne, Angela Bofil, Melisa Morgan, Melba Moore, Miles Jay, Gladys Knight, Dorothy Moore, Carl Carlton, the New Funkadelics, McFadden & Whitehead, Al Jarreau, Freddie Jackson, Howard Hewitt, Chaka Khan, and others. Her first commercial record success was “Heat You Up/Melt You Down on the West End Record label which set the stage for her future success. Shirley has always worked with different producers who seem to enhance her unique sound signature. She chose to cover the tune “Déjà Vu” by Teena Marie as a high energy House track which was produced by Steve Mason from WDAS-FM radio station in Philadelphia.

        Shirley also collaborated with Lenny Fontana the legendary producer of Dance music on the hot track entitled “Fire”, which is burning up the charts and dance floors all over Europe. The tune “Fire” was featured and reviewed in Mix Magazine. Shirley received raving reviews on her vocal range and performance on this music project. Shirley’s latest music CD project for 2021 is entitled, “Strong Woman” with the August 2020 single release of “Every Side of Me” and the December 2019 single release of “Lover’s Paradise”, featured on the “Strong Woman” CD.  Shirley is adding a remixed version of “Lover’s Paradise” for 2021. Look for it later this summer.

Sheldon Price
Shirley Lites

Brett Jolly was the bass guitar player for Teddy Pendergrass. He also played for Billy Paul, Olivia Newton-John, Dionne Warwick, the Emotions, Patti LaBelle and Usher. He also sang twice with a choir backing up Celine Dion. You can see a lot more on his website

Lisa Harris


New Jersey bringing in Lisa Harris. The stage is hosted by Sheldon Price for WURU 23'. A powerhouse vocalist, she can sing all types of musical styles. Pop, rock, country R&B, gospel and jazz, her vocal range spans 4 octaves!!! She has a lot of energy on stage and has performed in several wedding bands, venues, hotels and casino gigs. Performing on and off Broadway she is easy to get along with and follows directions very well with band members. A lead vocalist!

Denise King


Enamoured with jazz from childhood, Denise King started her musical career in her thirties and sustains an international performing schedule, splitting time between Paris and Philadelphia. She is a torch bearer. A keeper of the flame. King holds the preservation and presentation of the traditional style of Jazz singing close to her heart. No gimmicks, no pyrotechnics, just an intense focus on the melody and the lyrical content. It is this philosophy that finds her in Paris, Milan, Israel and all points in between acting as the Ambassador-Ess for the nostalgic sounds of Jazz. From her warm and welcoming presence on stage, the subtle nuance of bygone days, and the recordings that speak to the natural elegance of an era that greatly influenced her life, Denise King is keeping the romance and nostalgia of all the great ladies of Jazz alive and well.

Brett Jolly
Lisa Harris
Denise King
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