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T-Town Entertainments Philadelphia, Pa

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Sincere Reed

Sincere Reed


Sincere Reed is a soldier of Life and a Poet of Pain. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sincere Reed's style is very dark, edgy, and provocative.

She is a published author who has written several books, including the seductive and tantalizing best seller The Triangle. The Triangle was adapted into a movie.

She also wears the title of Director and scriptwriter and owner and CEO of Love Apple Publications. But her heart and soul are devoted to making the world a better place.

Sincere touches the darkest parts of your mind and brings those pieces to life. She ignites your soul with stories of desire, pain, power, struggle, and gain.

Sincere Reed writes the things that you would never dare say out loud. 

Tone Love is a Recording Artist originating from Philadelphia., Pa. In the late 80s, He gained national and international recognition as a member of the hip-hop group, Tuff Crew. The five-member band went on to reach Platinum sales status with their second album release, "Danger Zone", which is now considered a classic among recordings of its time. Their first single from that project, "My Part of Town", placed them as Philly's Hip Hop Supergroup, the first to go platinum and achieve worldwide success. It is still played regularly after 35 years and is still a DJ favourite, known to get the party started!
Tone Love promotes positivity and unity through his newest Collective, Soul Survivaz.  Along with partner RonnieS,
who sings and produces, they create spiritual, uplifting, and inspiring music for the masses. To God be the Glory!

My name is Lamont Sheppard. Born and raised in Philly. For over 30 years, poetry has been my passion. My poetry is basically a reflection of the mood I'm in. But it's also something that I believe someone or another can relate to.



Jime Hockaday and Mizz Gabrielle Nicole 
Hock Holiday and Mizz Gabrielle Nicole entertain audiences with signature sounds of The Invisible Man’s Band (All Night Thing) and The 5 Stairsteps (Ooh Child) as well as original songs written by Hock Holiday. Hock is an original member of both iconic R&B Groups. 

Gospel Gabe


Gospel Gabe Is a Brooklyn-born artist who grew up in church and loves music hip-hop would be an outlet for his journey and God would guide him in using his gift for the kingdom of God. A prayer warrior using Gospel and hip-hop given him a 90s style of rap combined with Gospel music God and ordering his steps would begin his journey as a Gospel hip-hop artist who would use his gift to win souls for God rather it's in the world or in the hip-hop culture itself

Tone Love
Lamont Sheppard
Jime Hockaday and Mizz Gabrielle Nicole 
Gospel Gabe
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