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Salute 2 Service & Veterans Stage

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Rodney Wyatt

Rodney Wyatt


Rodney Wyatt comes to WURU as host of our first Veteran stage.  After two active and 4 inactive years serving as a Marine,  Rodney Wyatt spent seven years as a veterans representative for the Commonwealth, where he got a firsthand look at the obstacles veterans face every day trying to acclimate back into civilian society. Some can't find work, some have to jump through hoops to receive medical assistance, and others need help filing service-connected claims regarding injuries they sustained while serving our country, to name a few. They spend 4-6-10-20, many years in service and return home to nothing, being rejected at every turn. The state does the best it can, but in his estimation, its best isn't good enough for the men and women that have sacrificed so much of their lives for their country. That is why he started Salute 2 Service, creating an environment where they can move forward and relax, setting up programs and providing services and resources to assist all who donned a uniform of the U.S. military. His mission, passion, and purpose in this life are to help each and every one of them in obtaining and achieving what they deserve. He knows we owe veterans much more than they are getting and he through Salute 2 Service is going to do whatever it takes to make it possible.



Servant is a musician, songwriter, arranger and vocalist from South Carolina, currently based in Philadelphia. Retired military he is a percussionist performing all genres of music not limited to R&B, soul, jazz and opera, focusing on Latin and island styles. Servant specializes in congas, bongos, timbale and Latin hand percussions. Servant has performed on the east and west coasts of the United States and in Europe.

Fonz Newsuan

2. Executive Director of Movement Community Development Corporation
3. 2015 recipient of the Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice Award presented by St. Paul’s Baptist Church of West Chester. 
4. Award recipient from Senator Andrew Dinniman for his work in the area of advocacy in the educational field. Fighting for social justice and educational equality 
5. Founder of the Dream Team. A group of Entrepreneurs came together to share their experience strength and hope regarding entrepreneurship.
6. Founder and President of the Socially active group called The Movement. Focus was the advocating for social justice, and educational equality.
7. Former Ministry leader Of the TIMS (training, introspective mentoring service) ministry at New Life in Christ Fellowship. 
8. Former owner of Fonzies, Newsman’s This N That Shoppe, and 23 years as a retail owner in Coatesville.
9. Facilitator of The Rock the Vote initiative in Coatesville.
10. Spent two years as a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker by The Rotary Club to speak to youth at Coatesville’s 9/10 centre
11. One of the first African American men in America toown an Athletic Footwear Franchise in America. (Foot stop)
12. Honoured by The Lily of the Valley on Nov 19, 2016, for Dedicated and Devoted service to our community.
13. Certified Christian Life Coach Professional from Freedom Bible College & Seminary
14. Good Citizenship Award from Senator John Rafferty dated April 2008 for my work as a Mentor in Scott Schools Mentoring program.
15. Presently has raised over $221,000.00 dollars towards our neighbourhood pool restoration project via my Non-Profit MCDC. Started with 0 Dollars in Dec of 2017
16. Held 2 Block Party fundraisers for aid in the restoration of the Ash Park pool
17. Presently on The Ash Park Advisory Board
18. Presently a Mentor and I serve on Teen Night at the Bridge Academy.
19. Was an original Mentor with the BRIDGEE group at CASD
20. Creator of The Not-So-Secret Santa initiative and until the pandemic served and provided complete Christmas gifts for over two children
21. Founded & Incorporated the Non-Profit called the Movement Community Development Corporation a 501c3 organization
22. On behalf of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Epsilon Omega Zeta Chapter, we are proud to announce that you’ve been chosen Citizen of the Year for this year 2017. This was the 1st time a male has been awarded this honour.
23. Walked the picket lines with the teachers to advocate for fair wages for our Educators
24. Have received over 1.5 million dollars in funding for home rehabilitation
25. Also a Marine that served in Vietnam 1969-1970, A husband and a Pop to many Children, Grand Children & Great Grands



Eric Thomas


Eric Thomas has been playing music for over 30 years and enjoys Pop jazz R n B and classical music. One great highlight was playing for the Air Force Band while serving in the military and hope to share this with you on this day 

Fonz Newsuan
Eric Thomas
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