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Dominica (Caribien)

Dominica er en bjergrig caribisk ø-nation med naturlige varme kilder og tropiske regnskove. Morne Trois Pitons National Park er hjemsted for den vulkansk opvarmede, dampdækkede kogende sø. Parken omfatter også svovlåbninger, de 65 m høje Trafalgar Falls og den smalle Titou Gorge. Mod vest ligger Dominicas hovedstad, Roseau, med farverige tømmerhuse og botaniske haver


Spraggy, born Nevinson Cuffy on the 18th of November 1962, in Point-Michel, on the English-speaking
Island of Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica), came to realize his life would be
dedicated to music and that he would have a message to convey. By the age of 20 known as
"The man with the golden voice", under the nickname Spraggy, he released his first album
"Blessing From Above" (Kufe Records) followed soon afterwards by "Bad Boys", which led him
to move to Paris in 2000 until 2008 when he settled in Bordeaux France until the present day.
In 2005 Spraggy recorded the "Rub A Dub" song (Sowan Records, Naive) as part of a
compilation project and performed at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris celebrating the release of
this new single.
In 2010, Spraggy released his first self-produced album "Sunshine Country" in France,
distributed by Believe and highly acclaimed by critics upon its release. A powerful roots reggae
opus, recorded and mixed by Nicolas Selambin and Jah Tool at 129H Studio in Paris, then
mastered by Marc Baronner at Bass Galore Productions in Amsterdam. In 2011, he composed
and recorded with Feldub then Producer, DJ and co-founder of Label Banzaï Lab in Bordeaux.
The artistic result of their collaboration, mastered by Alexis Bardinet of Globe Audio Studio,
was released the same year on the label and entitled "FELDUB Meets SPRAGGY - A So It Go".
In 2012 & 2014 after Spraggy had recorded with Dubveda, for LaboxProd, it evolved into an obvious
artistic collaboration with Nagual X, where he featured on Albums "Illegal Dubplates" &" Green
Warriors"(Laboxprod, Auto Production).
After touring Europe for a few years and playing at major events like Solidays Festival, Live
Planet Bob Marley Tribute in Paris, Reggae Sun Ska Festival in the south of France, as well as
smaller venues or charity concerts, Spraggy has been very busy writing lyrics for his catalogue of
new songs which he has now finished recording, and which are currently being mixed and
mastered, ready for release!
Spraggy has now settled permanently on the international scene, to the top of the current
reggae singers with his magic vocal signature that leaves no one indifferent. He has reinforced
his artistic versatility and his musical aesthetic of sound mergers. From reggae roots to electro
Dub, R&B, Pop and also Soul or Nu roots, …Nothing stops him in the exploration of new
rhythms that he mixes perfectly with his warm voice and his harmonic chant with soft melodies.
With charisma and feelings, humour, gravity or pain, Spraggy's words inspire a positive direction
in topics that are dear to him offering a true meeting and a skilful mix between Caribbean,
African, and Western cultures.
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