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Atlanta, Geogia

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Vintage Vixens

Vintage Vixens

What happens when a career booking agent with a love of the great sounds of the 60s picks up a bass guitar and learns to play all her favourites? She surrounds herself with talented, like-minded, ladies and—voila—the Vintage Vixens are born!
Rocking that retro sound, the all-female Vintage Vixens include Amy on guitar/vocals, Janet on keyboards, Carol on drums, Karen on lead vocals and Linda on bass.  Talk about “Flower Power”!
Inspired by 60s fashion, on stage, these ladies look like music—groovy, funky, hippie! The Vintage Vixen playlist includes covers of the biggest hits from Motown, The Mamas & the Papas, Turtles, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Drifters, Cream, Young Rascals, The Kinks and more including some 70s favourites, too like 3 Dog Night and Sly & The Family Stone.  It’s a happy 60s hit fest of good time and sing-along music!
Peace, Love, and Vintage Vixens!

NOTE:  We have been together for 5+ years and have performed hundreds of gigs including many fairs and festivals, PACs, theatres, private events, upscale retirement communities and corporate events.  We have also shared the stage with Three Dog Night, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Blood, Sweat and Tears and other national notables!


Skin-Tones in Pursuit is a band composed of seven all-star seasoned musicians and recording artists who have performed locally and abroad. Their combined musical experience is immeasurable. This group, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, was formed by Randy Skinner, a trumpeter from the world-renowned George Clinton and the P Funk All-Stars. Skin-Tones performs a wide spectrum of musical styles from smooth jazz, new and old R&B soul funk, and originals from their acclaimed CD “Skin-Tones In Pursuit” which features The Legendary Fred Wesley from James Brown’s group and Master Percussionist Jef Wah. It’s just a gumbo of nonstop dance music with Skin-Tones! The group exudes searing, mood-elevating sounds with riveting horns, four dynamic vocalists, and meticulous grooves punctuated by an extraordinary Latin and Afro-Cuban percussionist. Skin-Tones is music for all occasions. Let us take you on a euphoric musical journey. Randy Skinner's most recent collaboration was with the King of Funk, George Clinton and his son Tracey Clinton. Their single and remix Keep The Funk Alive is available on all streaming and download sites.

Randy Skinner & Skin-Tones In Pursuit are available for Opening Act, Concert Tour, Festivals, Club, and Corporate events.


Contact: Randy Skinner at 404-642-2294

Mizz Gabrielle Nicole

Philadelphia, a city known for its historic significance and rich tapestry of arts and culture, is now home to another shining beacon: Mizz Gabrielle Nicole. From lighting up the theatre to standing out on stage, Gabrielle’s journey is both captivating and inspiring.

Stage Atlanta Host and Performer, Mizz Gabrielle Nicole, wears many hats with aplomb. She’s not only a talented writer who has penned scripts and narratives for the stage but also an acclaimed author with bylines in several publications. Her innate ability to translate emotions and stories into words is truly commendable.

Beyond the literary world, Gabrielle’s business acumen is noteworthy. Her tenure at Rite Way Music played a pivotal role in bolstering the label’s touring roster. Her experience didn’t stop there. At Elements Media Networks and EMN Arts, she further honed her management and organizational skills, laying a solid foundation for her future endeavours.

In a remarkable turn, Gabrielle is now channelling her faith and expertise towards a noble cause: The Black Men In Charge! movement. This initiative is rooted in her desire to uplift the Black community, especially focusing on the holistic development of the African American Male. By emphasizing the importance of family structures, Mizz Gabrielle Nicole aims to reinforce the backbone of these communities.

Adding to her impressive repertoire, Gabrielle has recently taken on an executive role with the Game4PEACE  Foundation, an organization linked with the legendary 2 Pac Shakur’s Thug Life member, Runner, (formerly known as The Rated R of Thug Life). This organization, with its strong emphasis on promoting peace and harmony, aligns well with Gabrielle’s personal and professional ethos.

Mizz Gabrielle Nicole’s journey is a testament to her versatility, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a difference. As she continues to champion causes close to her heart and inspire those around her, Philadelphia and the wider world can look forward to more impactful contributions from this remarkable businesswoman.

Mike Reid

Stage Atlanta Host and Music Director Mike Reid a wonderfully blessed birthday and a prosperously successful life!

Stage Atlanta Host and Music Director, Michael C Reid is the founder of The Let it Rip Band which performs R&B, Motown, Blues, Pop, Southern Soul, and Funk,  Located in Atlanta Ga. and provides excellent entertainment for private gatherings and events. Stage name, Mike D delivers sounds from a Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, keyboard, and Vocalist. Our old-school sound has soul-appreciated tunes that get the party going and set the atmosphere for a fun-filled occasion.

Michael C Reid's Influences are The Gap Band, SOS Band, Kool & The Gang, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Temptations, Isles Brothers and Staple Singers.

In 2022 Revelation was recognized by the American Entertainment Award in Atlanta Georgia which was the most unique award show in the world. They focus on all parts of the entertainment industry - music, movies, authors, business moguls, community leaders and more.
Stage Atlanta Host Revelation is an award-winning Recording Artist, CEO of Slave Music Entertainment LLC, Team Leader of Game4PEACE Atlanta and first cousin of Tupac Shakur.
Revelation’s mind prepared him for a lifetime of entertainment. Acknowledging his deep spiritual roots, Revelation applies wisdom, knowledge and understanding to his musical approach.
Performing since he was 11 years old, Revelation accepts getting double takes from people due to an uncanny resemblance to his iconic cousin, Tupac Shakur. Despite all the admiration, Revelation keeps a down-to-earth stamina, because he wants people to remember him as an authentic soldier of God, a warrior and Makaveli-trained legend who touches young and old souls alike. “I want folks to know I’m a Godly man, a father, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a businessman.” As a self-inspired artist, music is Revelation’s passion. He writes about trials people go through and grew up listening to the sounds of his cousin Tupac, along with Southern-based acts like Outkast, Goodie Mob, 8 Ball & MJG, The Geto Boys, Scarface and Too Short, which have all influenced his style. Revelation credits Nashville’s own Ambassador Ray for providing workshops and formal training in etiquette, as he steered Revelation onto a path that took him through drama class and numerous talent shows.
Winning 1st and 2nd place trophies from talent contests in high school, Revelation often booked himself to perform in local shows; he went on to dominate performances at New York music conferences, Juneteenth Heritage Festivals and Jacksonville State University. As a collaborating artist, he performed with acts like D.J. Jelly/Big Oomp, D.J. Montay, Baby D, T.I., Pastor Troy and Wu-Tang Clan. These relationships led to associations with labels like Makeveli Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony.

Skin-Tones in Pursuit
Mizz Gabrielle Nicole
Mike Reid
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