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Colorful Nature


Wake Up, Rise Up - LIVE4Peace.

Wake Up, Rise Up - LIVE4Peace


U.S.A.: +1 (215) 681-5175

UK: +44 (7803) 798534






The mission of Wake Up – Rise Up is to raise awareness worldwide of the violence-particularly, unlicensed violence & war

around the world but to the universal appreciation of the music through innovative programming of old, new, and rarely heard

music alongside the well-loved established repertoire.


Wake up Rise up supports the second amendment right to bear arms in the U.S.A, but stands firmly against the violence plaguing the world.


The passion is driven by the commissioning, fostering, and promoting of new music by Composing Talent with unique

performances, Orators joining forces with other nations and their Artistry.


In addition to reaching diverse audiences and communities throughout the world, we take great pride in showcasing these performances while advocating for PEACE.


We are developing great Harmony and networking kinships as we campaign and champion this great cause.


Individual growth is inherited When we all look within ourselves first – and ask


“Am I self-disciplined”


“What can I do to promote PEACE”.


Answer: Share it with someone else.





Wake Up - Rise Up ongoing practical goals are to:


•          Broaden its scope of artistic recognition and community audience outreach.

•          Outreach for baseline support and sponsorship from like-minded visionaries.

•          Strengthen its administrative framework to support its activities effectively, and

•          Develop further its fund-raising capability to ensure fiscal stability and steady growth.


WU-RU's overarching strategic goal is to increase its artistic footprint in its geographical area of service by broadening the parameters of its performance capabilities, expanding the role of its stakeholders in commitment to WU-RU's growth, and developing its financial capability to support new performance ventures


support awareness activities.

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