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Wake Up Rise Up Live 4 Peace is an annual, virtual event held on The United Nations Day of Peace on September 21st.

This event starts in Africa, then travels throughout Europe and the Caribbean before coming to America.

From the tears of tragedy, a movement was born. Founder and CEO of Wake Up Rise Up, Mr. Douglas Payne received a vision through song and was called into action.

Douglas Payne then put his passion to work and called upon several gifted and talented people with the same sentiment and goal to bring an end to violence to come together and deliver a powerful message of peace.

On September 21, 2021, Wake Up Rise Up Live 4 Peace was assembled.


Many artists and professionals and everyday people came together to bring a message of hope and peace to the masses.

Dr. Deborah Moldow helped organize the first concert on September 21, 2021. Her contribution and effort are very much appreciated.

She worked with the United Nations for over 20 years dedicating her life to promoting peace. Along with her actions and countless others coming together in collaboration a monumental, worldwide, peace movement begin.


Each year we ask that artists from all over the world unite to bring awareness to the violence that is changing the landscape of our planet.

We ask that you come join us and deliver a powerful message of peace. We ask that you join us to make a difference. We ask that you help stop the violence. We ask that you stand up for your families and your communities. We ask that you Wake Up and Rise Up.

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