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The Cosmos Radio Network

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Since the old Wrekin Radio stopped broadcasting in 1992, some 28 years ago now and after applying for a local broadcast licence in the Telford area of Shropshire in 1998, they were eventually turned down and the local licence went to a new station Telford FM. Many of the radio presenters have had a successful career in broadcasting others weren't so lucky.
Wrekin Radio (Shropshire) was created in August 2020 with one goal in mind: to bring the world’s most popular music and creative content to the good people of the world.
Originally, the founders of the station set out to expand the ears of the public and Wrekin Radio (Shropshire) and since I re-started Wrekin Radio (Shropshire), back In August 2020, I've been inundated with mail and messages asking why do I have the rights to the Station. I have worked hard across the years to keep this legacy alive, and eventually found a way to have the re-birth of Wrekin Radio (Shropshire)
I now find myself In a position where I can no longer keep running the station under this name and with the bonus addition of taking control of Philly Hott Radio in Philadelphia, PA, USA, I decided in July 2021 to change the name to "Cosmos Radio Network"
My name is Shaun and I have a passion for trying to entertain people via the online radio service. I've been a fan of radio since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I'm still knee-high to a grasshopper and I'm still a big fan of radio, both legal and pirate radio stations. There aren't as many pirate stations today as there were when I was younger, this is mainly the result of the internet revolution. Wrekin Radio (Shropshire) was revived in 2020 by me after failing to contact anyone from the old station and to date we've been pretty successful, unfortunately, times are changing so, with many DJs coming from the USA, some in Philadelphia others in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Phase5Records (UK) Ltd

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Phase5Records (UK) Ltd is part of the Phase5Records Global Group.

We are the sister company of the original Phase5Records in the USA.

Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and colour your memories.

Phase5Records (UK) Ltd believes that the right music can have a powerful influence, and since its establishment on January 1st,  2021, has understood that music means different things to different people.

They built their business on that exact premise, with the goal of supporting musical talent the world would never forget.

Cjojo The Tutor

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Hey boys and girls, it's me, Cjojo! Thank you for stopping by. If you didn't know I'm from the state of Pennsylvania and was able to manifest because my owner loved to sing to children just like you. I listen to her everyday and now I want to sing to you to help you to become better in school and in everyday life. You and your parents please take a look around our site. Listen and learn along the way. Hope you find something that you like! From our family to yours! We love you, we enjoy you and we want you to stay in touch! RIBBIT,RIBBIT,RIBBIT, YEAAA! 

The Cosmos Radio Network (USA)

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Payne Catering



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